Samstag, 12. Mai 2007

The Personality of Zartusht and his Mission

Interestingly, the nominal followers of zartushti creed resorted secretive practices up to the previous century. They strove to keep their religion covert as opposed to advancing it. Iran, homeland of this Aryan reformer, rarely remembered this prophet. His name had become a myth drenched in fire worship. Iranian-Muslim scholars introduced him as the student of the Jewish prophets who had created the duality of Ourmazd and Ahriman, the battle between Good and Evil, Who was the leader of fire worshiping magis.

About two centuries ago, western scholars came to learn more of zartusht. Thus, they were drawn to his thoughts. About a century ago, the true massage of zartusht, the Gathas, came to be known. Since that time his thoughts have enchanted researchers. The fame of zartusht quickly spread among scholars, thinkers, and all those who strove to know the philosophical thoughts of the ancient world. In a short period of time many thinkers were drawn to this thought.

Hebrew, Arabic, Greek and Latin, the languages of world monotheistic religions, are easily understood, for many still speak them today.

The language of the Gathas however is still difficult to understand, even for the so-called followers of the creed. This has brought innumerable problems to scholars, for the beauty of its composition still remains undiscovered and its complexity and antiquity add to these problems. The language of the Gathas is one of poetry and symbolism which differs from the ordinary tongue of the people. Even the language of the people of the day has long since been forgotten.

In the Gathas zartusht introduces himself as a messenger and a teacher of the masses.

In Yasna 44/11 he says”Lord, I know that you have sent me to carry out this important task as your first teacher.”

In 31/1 he reminds us, “I reveal to you, oh seeker of knowledge, these unheard words. I bring them too for those who lead the world truth to destruction through their lies. Yet they are best for those who love Ahura Mazda.

In 31/2 we read, “Thus do I come to you all as teacher whom mazda has chosen for both groups that we might live through the creed of truth.

His Task is to lead all people of the world-both the good and the wicked. He is not the prophet of a special clan or group. He is to lead even those who lead the world to destruction through wrong and misleading instructions.

Zartusht always addresses those who sought knowledge for he knew knowledge as the key to spiritual understanding, truth, and the creed of justice. He always chose knowledge as the measure of good and evil therefore he had to address the seeker of knowledge as he clearly states. Thus, one can conclude that in the light of the Gathas he was the first teacher of the world. In other words up to a certain period of time man was not ready to seek the truth through the knowledge and understanding. Therefore, according to the Gathas, it could be deduced that zartusht appeared at the time that man began to be the seeker of knowledge.

Through time man has always known divinity with maricals and the prophets and saints were miracle workers and creators of that which was out of the ordinary. The diviners of Egypt, Chaldea, and Assyria… falsified events and brought forth fantastic deeds of their gods in order to maintain their status. Even today mullahs and the advocates of all monotheistic religions turn to fabricated miracles.

The appearance of mosses and Christ is historically ascertained. That which has been said of their personality bears a touch of myth and fantasy and not reality. It is commonplace to accept miracles from mythical being particularly as written in so-called divine scripture which allows the indoctrination of the masses through their intermediaries as the word of god. All this has been built on the foundation of miracles and fantasy to please the masses and they were also reported in church documents.

What is interesting is that even if the founders of a religion themselves rise to refute these miracles their followers will not be able to accept the messengers of god as ordinary mortals and miracles as the works of magicians.